Benefits of Applying Makeup

Having your own beauty routine can actually increase your creativity. Your beauty routines such as applying makeup on is also a form of expression.  Here, we list some of the benefits that you can get for being a makeup lover.

An investigation at the University of Chiba, Japan affirms that if you try to always put make-up on at the same time and make it a routine or a habit, you contribute to improve your mental health and later on may help prevent dementia.

In the research, older women were asked to apply cosmetic products on their faces and it was revealed that doing so implies more muscle load on shoulders and arms, especially when the lids of the jars are unscrewed and the face is massaged.

So applying make-up can also help improve muscle strength.

Another benefit of putting make-up on is that your self-esteem improves because one of the advantages of having madeup is that it highlights the best of us and makes us feel much more beautiful and confident of ourselves.

If there is some features about your face that you do not love, you can hide and cover it with a little makeup. Also, if there is some features about your face that you want everyone to pay attention tot every time they look at you, you can highlight it and make it more attractive. Isn’t it great. Makeup up enhances your beauty.

Makeup is like fashion because it allows you to explore all the possibilities of style so that you can choose the one you like best and the one that best suits you. Makeup can be the perfect complement for your look so do not be afraid to experiment and try new styles.

If you use the the right makeup products and invest a little in using good quality makeup products such as the products we have at It’s Fire Cosmetics, the tone of your skin and texture will improve naturally little by little. You have to make sure thought to remove all the makeup before sleeping and put a moisturizer to repair any damage at night or before you go to sleep.


Those minutes that you take to apply and put make up on and highlight the best of you is a moment that you dedicate only and exclusively to yourself. So be happy and take the time to calmly apply your makeup. You will look very cute and in addition, you can relax and distract yourself from the pressures of everyday life.  Make-up is not superficial. It has many benefits for your emotional health.

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