Everything You Need To Know About False Eyelashes

The main function that makeup does for a person is to emphasize the features that her face has and, also, minimize the defects that may be in it.

When you use makeup, you can lightly modify your skin tone, highlight cheekbones, mark or smooth facial lines, hide acne or skin birthmarks, or give more prominence to lips or eyes. There are many types of makeup to achieve that goal of achieving a nearly perfect face.

However, there are occasions when the features  that we have on the face are not enough, and there is the possibility of resorting to the use of false elements, which will fulfill the task that was intended to entrust the natural features present on the face .

One of these false elements, whose use will be very discreet, is that of false eyelashes, of which there are different types, and of which it is very convenient to to use. You won't eve notice that they are not a real part of your face.


The eyelashes are an element present in our face to which, on numerous occasions, we do not pay enough attention and care, or we go directly from them. This small component of the face has protect the eyes from impurities present in the environment such as, for example, dust, rain, or fumes, which form together with the eyelids. Eyelashes are a kind of protective shield; but they also act as a filter for the light that falls on the eyes, preventing them from becoming irritated when we are under intense sun, or in front of a powerful light source.

In addition to these biological functions, eyelashes are one of the most important elements, as far as makeup is concerned, They make eyes more prominent, give personality to the look, and increase overall beauty that represent all the elements present on the face

Such is the importance of these eyelashes in makeup that there is a wide range of cosmetics designed to ensure that their purpose is used to enhance your eyes.

And why use false eyelashes?

For eyelashes to look properly, it is necessary to take note of the following characteristics, such as a sufficient length of each hair, their thickness, and the density of the eyelash set. Obviously, our natural eyelashes do not have all these characteristics and that is why in certain situations, there is the possibility of temporarily using false eyelashes that do have all the characteristics we mentioned above.

It should be emphasized that these types of products are intended to resemble a real body element, so the basic premise when using false eyelashes is that they are integrated into the face, fulfilling two functions: that they capture attention and beautify the face, but without looking artificial.

Naturalness is the basis of the vast majority of makeup work, and also the key to success for many women and, therefore, the temptation to do too flashy or extravagant work should be avoided, and this will mean choosing false eyelashes according to the result you want to obtain.


When choosing false eyelashes, there is the possibility of choosing between several types, which will help solve different problems or meet different objectives.

Our eyelashes are formed by a series of hairs, which are formed on the edge of the eyelids, and which are exactly the same as the rest of hairs that appear throughout the body, that is, they are individual hairs that are born from a root that it is found inside the skin.

Individual false eyelashes are based on this pattern as they are made up of individual artificial hairs and as such will be applied one by one over the lash birth line. In its placement, a long-lasting glue is applied that will ensure that they remain intact for 5 - 7 weeks.

They are used to solve small density problems, or to cover areas with little hair, offering a very natural result; However, they have the drawback that a lot of experience is required for their placement, and that is why in most cases you must resort to professionals must be hired to achieve the best possible result.


It is the most common and traditional type of false eyelashes. They consist of a thin curved strip, on which the false hairs that simulate natural lashes are located. This strip should be placed over the natural lash growth line.

In general, since it is a curved and flexible strip, it is possible to adapt it to the different eyelid lengths of each person and, the thinner this strip, the more comfortable and natural the result will be (although they are also more fragile and delicate ). They are very comfortable since they can be put on and taken off every day, and with a little practice they can be placed at home without having to hire professionals to do it. If the strip is too long, it can be trimmed.


It is the latest advancement in the field of false eyelashes. This is a product that does not require glue to attach to the eyelid, since they have thin magnetic strips.

The method used to fix them is very simple; For each eye, there are two strips of eyelashes, each with a magnet, so that one is placed above the natural line of the eyelashes, and the other below them. What happens then? The natural eyelashes are between the two strips as a "sandwich".

Magnetized eyelashes are much easier to fit, and they can be reused many times more.


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