How To Correctly Apply It’s Fire Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick

How To Correctly Apply It’s Fire Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick

Did you know you can have velvet lips with long lasting color with It’s Fire Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick? Do you want to know the expert tricks to apply our liquid lipstick and make it last? Well, we all know from experience that it is not always easy to smile with matte-painted lips without noticing that the color is drying out or worse the lipstick forms small and unsightly little balls at the corner of the mouth.

Even though what we want is to achieve a natural look on our lips, let’s admit it – lipsticks worn in dark, deep, sweet, and velvety tones can enhance our faces or your overall makeup. If you want to know how to make your lips look pretty with It’s Fire Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipsticks, here is our five simple rules.

  1. Exfoliate And Moisturize Your Lips

 We start with the first and most important step. However, most girls always tend to skip this rule. You see, the main advantage of a liquid matte lipstick is that it doesn’t wear off right away but there is also one disadvantage, which is liquid matte lipstick also dries out your lips. 

It’s Fire Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick has a formula that is made to condition and repair dry, damaged lips, all while providing lustrous color with its rich, velvety pigments. Get it in 6 colors, including rose-y nude and shocking red. It has a creamy texture leaving your lips feeling quenched and never parched. 

Another way to exfoliate and moisturize your lips is to mix some sugar with honey and apply it on your lips. You can also soak a cotton ball in hot water, let it sit a little before rubbing it gently on your lips. You can also use a lip balm to hydrate your lips. 

  1. Choose A Pigmented Liquid Matte Lipstick 

You can choose from 6 colors of It’s Fire Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick: Flamed Red, Brown Bomb, Say It Red, Saucee, So Hot, and Too Hot. Once you have chosen the color that you want, you have to look closely at the texture and color you prefer because there is only one secret to having velvet lips: it is the correct choice of lipstick. It’s Fire Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick combines an intense and lasting color with a texture that doesn’t wear off.

You may have already tried several to find this coveted combination, but It’s Fire Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick is the perfect product for you. When you put It’s Fire Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick, it is liquid but it gives you a nice pretty matte finish. Keep in mind that there are also bases for the lips that make any lipstick look matte. 

  1. Apply Light Colors Using Fingers 

If you choose a lipstick with a pale shade, It’s Fire Cosmetics recommend applying it using your finger. Doing so, the final result will seem more natural and less dramatic. If you opt for a liquid matte lipstick with a pale color to go more discreet, the technique is to blend it with your finger for a smooth, matte, and comfortable finish. You can take a little lipstick directly with your finger and then apply it on the lips. If you prefer, you can paint your lips with the applicator and then blend it with your fingers, giving it soft taps. 

  1. Outline The Contour Of The Lips With Dark Tones 

If you like darker and more vibrant tones, your lips will be more alive if you outline them with a lip liner. It’s Fire Cosmetics suggests that for darker shades, a perfectly drawn lips is preferable so you must first draw the contour of the lips with a lip liner of the same tone. Once you have outlined it, you can now fill your lips with the lipstick. 

You can choose from a wide range of It’s Fire Cosmetics Lip Liner that will blend perfectly with our Liquid Matte Lipstick. 

  1. Don’t Forget To Retouch If You Want To Have Perfect Lips 

Although It’s Fire Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick lasts a long time, you can always do a retouch. It is no secret that It’s Fire Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick are formulated to last from morning to night. However, it is normal for lips with liquid matte lipstick to accumulate some pigments. You can moisten your lips by using the corner of a tissue or a paper napkin to ensure your lips remain as vibrant and velvety soft.





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