Lip Liner: What It Is For And How To Use It

Getting perfectly painted lips is what every girl wants to achieve every time she puts on her favorite lipstick. Every part of putting on makeup has its trick and getting perfect lips is definitely no exception.

Is it really necessary to put on lip liner? You may think that you do not really need to do it. But you know what, it can really enhance your look, especially your lips. We will explain why a lip liner can be your best ally.

If you choose a good lip liner and use it correctly, it will plump and perfect the look of your lips while reducing the appearance of fine lines around the mouth. A lip liner will also make your lipstick stay in place, without making it go over the edges. Here are the steps you should follow to make the most of your lip liner and lipstick.

  • Before putting on a lip liner, apply a lip balm to hydrate the area well and wait a few minutes for it to be absorbed.
  • We recommend to use a soft pencil that slides better.
  • It is important that the color of the lip liner and that of the lipstick match or at least not very different, because otherwise you will achieve an unwanted effect.
  • Start with the upper lip. From the center and to the sides, in short and firm strokes.
  • In the lower lip, the strokes must be the same.
  • When you use a lip liner, remember to keep your lips in a natural posture, do not stretch or tense them.
  • The lip liner can help you to slightly correct the silhouette of your lips, but try to stick as much as possible to their natural line so that it does not look artificial.
  • To give more volume, you can use a pencil that is a little darker than color of the lipstick you will use, but without a very noticeable contrast. 
  • If you see that the color is very different from that of the lipstick, you can blur the lip liner a little so that it is not noticeable.
  • If on the contrary, you want your lips to look thinner, draw just on the inside of the natural line of your lips.
  • You can outline your lips even if you don't want to put lipstick on them. There are neutral or transparent pencils whose function is simply to improve the appearance of your lips.
  • To fix your makeup, once you have applied lip liner and lipstick, apply loose powder.
  • The trick to make them last longer is to apply the lip liner across all your lips and then apply the lipstick over it.
  • Other uses of the lip liner: create fake freckles on the face, as a blush and even as an eye shadow if you blur it with the finger.

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