Which Matte Liquid Lipstick Is The Best?

It is said that the smile is the prettiest asset of a woman. The power of smiling is amazing: it inspires joy, conveys good humor and makes us more attractive. Throughout history, the human being has developed different tools to enhance their smile. It is the with the use of lipsticks.

Did you know that the use of lipsticks dates back to unforgettable times? These cosmetics have evolved from reddish mineral extracts in ancient Mesopotamia until today. Currently, there is a huge range of lipsticks of all types. However, and without a doubt, the undisputed king is the matte liquid lipstick.

Why are matte liquid lipsticks a thing right now?

  • Matte liquid lipsticks provide an intense, highly pigmented with a sophisticated and elegant finish.
  • In addition, they last for hours and do not leave spots. There are different types of matte lipsticks according to their formulation and finish.
  • The main drawback of matte lipsticks is the dryness they produce so it is important to choose the best matte liquid lipstick for you.

If you are looking for a matte lipstick with an intense finish, then It's Fire Cosmetics has the right product for you. Our lipsticks has a highly pigmented formulation - free from parabens too.

In addition, its finish is long lasting, you will have your lips painted for up to 16 hours! You can also choose your favorites from a range of 6 supersaturated shades, whether of classic colors, such as red or nudes, or bright colors.

To get a  stunning look, you  just need the right lipstick. Our lipstick has in its formula a mixture of vitamins A and C. Therefore, in addition to a vibrant color, it will take care of nourishing your lips.

You will feel calm with its use, as it will give you a complete and beautiful matte finish. You can choose from 6 colors ranging from bright pink and red to brown nudes. You will wear your lipstick throughout the day with It's Fire Cosmetics' matte liquid lipsticks.

What you should know about matte liquid lipstick?

It is important that you know the main aspects before acquiring a matte lipstick. Below, we include the most relevant aspects about this type of lipstick so you can inform yourself correctly. In addition, we will answer the most frequently asked questions so feel free to send us email or talk to use via our virtual chat.

What exactly is a matte liquid lipstick?

To understand what matte liquid lipstick are, you have to be clear about what a lipstick is. Lipsticks are cosmetic products intended to give color to the lips. There are multiple types of lipstick, but the matte liquid lipstick is the most popular today. 

Matte hues are currently trending. But what exactly does a matte lipstick mean? This term refers to the finish offered by this type of lipstick. Matte lipsticks are characterized by providing an intense, opaque and glossless color, that is, matte.

What are the advantages of using matte lipstick?

You may wonder why choose a matte liquid lipstick having so many different kinds of lipsticks. The answer lies in the cosmetic properties offered by that product. For starters, matte lipsticks contain a high density of pigmentation. Therefore, a single pass is sufficient to obtain full coverage. We share other advantages:


  • Unlike other lipsticks,  matte liquid lipsticks are very opaque, so they offer a solid and intense color to our lips.
  • The matte liquid lipsticks have a particular texture that slides with difficulty through the skin. This feature enhances the color duration, makes it more difficult to transfer, lose intensity and leave spots.
  • Aesthetically, matte lipstick is especially attractive for thin lips. The matte coloration provides a bulky appearance to the lips, making them appear thicker.
  • On the other hand, they give the face an elegant and sophisticated touch, very flattering. They are useful for all kinds of occasions/

When purchasing a matte liquid lipstick, it is important that you evaluate some aspects. Next, we include the most relevant factors that you should consider before buying this product. Thus, you can make sure that you make the appropriate decision, choosing the lipstick that best suits your needs. These aspects are:

  • Lipstick type
  • Preservatives
  • Tone
  • Other features

The preservatives are incorporated with the intention of preventing the deterioration of the lipsticks, as well as to protect you from possible infections by pathogenic microorganisms. However, it is important to be attentive to this aspect, since its ingredients can be toxic to the body and generate skin problems.

Ingredients to avoid: Wax Microcrystalline or Micro crystalline Wax, Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Wax, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Ceresin, Ozokerite, Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum, Polyethylene, Polybutene, Synthetic Wax.
We eat 80% of what we apply on the lips. Therefore, the lower the concentration of preservatives is better. You can recognize these products, when the expiration date is 2 years or less.

Other Features

To use any lipstick, we must keep in mind what our traits are and what results we want to obtain. That is, depending on the characteristics of our face, we will be more interested in enhancing some features or others. People with very thin lips will benefit from flashy tones, such as reddish or even fuchsia.

These colors will give prominence to the lips and provide a feeling of greater volume. On the other hand, thick and fleshy lips favor natural and soft tones. In this way, the lips will look carefully and attractive without being the center of attention. It is about playing according to what we want to promote more.

At this point, you'll know why matte liquid lipsticks are on the top of the list. Just one pass is enough to get silky, velvety, bulky and sophisticated lips. You can choose from a range of colors varied, for all kinds of occasions and for everyone.

With matte liqiud lipstick, no longer you have to worry about whether your lips lose color. Long service life will surprise you too. In short, they provide some really incredible results. And you, did you find the matte lipstick with which to dazzle today? Check out our matte liquid lipsticks

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